About Our Business
We are committed to helping employers obtain and maintain compliance with the state and
federal standards and assure the safety and health of their employees through training,
development of effective policies and procedures, Emergency, Health and Safety Plans and
encouraging continual improvement in workplace safety and health through ongoing
assessment, review and training.

Deerpark 1 Environmental Services Inc. began when because there was a need for
Environmental Testing, Site Safety Audits,  Quality CPR, First Aid and Health and Safety
Training in our area.  We currently offer training in all aspects of office, construction and
industry helping employers to remain compliant with federal and state health and safety
regulations.  In addition, we are authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers and regularly offer the
OSHA 10 & 30 hour course for construction,

We are certified to perform the Code Rule 59 audits and we will work with you as you
navigate through the process of an audit.     

We also have extensive knowledge in handling workers compensation injuries from the
employers side of business, focusing my attention on limiting the liability of the employer
through effective health and safety training and programs.  This focus grew as we also
began to apply efforts to work just as hard to prevent injuries as we were at handling them
after the fact.

With our safety incentive program, working with almost 200 employees, a local company
was able to lower their workers comp cost from almost $300,000.00 to $0.00 in just 2 short
years.  With this improvement, came lower workers comp costs and better attendance as
well as a culture change as the employees began to focus on working safely.
About Us
Deerpark 1 Environmental Services Inc.
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